Lai-Chen Lu
Automatic Electronic Business Collaboration Based on Intelligent Agent Technology

E-business is currently the most important business activity around the world. It provides a cost-effective method for companies to do the business trade. ebXML is widely accepted as the electronic collaboration business platform. It described in formal specification using XML, for connecting heterogeneous business systems. This thesis is composed of two parts for electronic business collaboration ebXML researches. One is an agent mediated front-end system for ebXML. The other is an agent mediated ebXML CPA negotiation.

In the first part of the thesis is implementing an ebXML system in front of the back-end system. The ebXML system is divided into the upper business process level, account for business interactions, and the lower message service level for necessary technological support for the upper level. In this thesis, we employ agent technology to implement the ebXML system. We design and implement business service agent and message service agents for the upper and lower levels, respectively [129]. In particular we use a declarative approach to design the business service agent, which separate the business collaboration knowledge from the control engine. This results in automatic transformation from design artifacts into executable code. We implement a prototype system using open agent architecture. We carry out experiments by connecting two systems at different sites, based on the system. User interfaces are provided to control and monitor the process of collaborations. The system shows promising result in gaining insight on ebXML collaborations. It provides an excellent basis for further investigation on industry business collaborations.

In the second part we propose an agent mediated ebXML CPA negotiation using defeasible logic reasoning. Rule based declarative web service negotiation is the trend for automatic negotiation. Defeasible reasoning is nonmonotonic rule based reasoning. It is a simple, but often more efficient approach than other nonmonotonic reasoning systems. We propose, and report on a prototypical implementation of a semantic ebXML CPA negotiation agent, exhibiting the described functionality, in OAA plateform. In particular we use a declarative rule based defeasible logic approach to design the ebXML CPA negotiation agent. Expression of CPA negotiation strategies is also of great importance in electronic business collaboration. We exploit the use of defeasible logic reasoning for expressing ebXML CPA negotiation strategies. This results in automatic business collaborative negotiation. In this thesis we describe the related technologies and concepts. We indicate the advantages of using defeasible logic reasoning in ebXML CPA negotiation. We also compare our research with other ebXML CPA negotiation researches. We believe that defeasible logic reasoning is promising to be used in practical applications. Because it is simple, sufficiently efficient, declarative, portability in the B2B environment and the reusable of rule base system.

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